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When is the Best Time of Year to Schedule A Kitchen Remodel?

With life happening around you, figuring out when you should plan to remodel your kitchen is one of the most significant decisions you'll have to make. A kitchen remodel is the number one most invasive home project, as the kitchen is the heart of the home and an essential part of everyday life. The optimal time will be different for every household. However, there are certain things that you should consider when planning.

1. Schedules

Being that a kitchen remodel is the most invasive for the majority of homeowners, finding the slow season for your family may be a good idea. Doing so cuts down on additional stress, especially if there are multiple schedules to coordinate in your home. Some families prefer the summer months for remodels as kids have more flexibility without extracurricular activities; others prefer while kids are in school, so kids don’t interfere with the remodel.

2. Meals

When you are going through a kitchen remodel, you may need to plan ahead for meals while the kitchen is off limits. Some people add funds to their budget to accommodate eating at restaurants and fast food. Others prep meals ahead of time to save on restaurant expenses and in some cases, to eat healthier than what a restaurant can provide. The typical kitchen remodel will start at 4 weeks in duration. If fast food and restaurants tend to get tiresome for you, plan accordingly. If you have the ability to use an indoor or outdoor grill, this would be the perfect situation to brush up on your grilling skills!

At MW Burke, we plan ahead with you. If you are replacing your appliances, we will leave the old refrigerator and microwave (if possible) for use during the remodel, in order to allow you access to cool or heat food.

3. Lead Times

Depending on the type of kitchen remodel you are trying to accomplish (custom/semi custom/off the shelf), lead times are something to keep in mind. Custom and semi-custom cabinetry can have lead times of 20+ weeks as the demand in 2020 was very high for cabinetry and cabinet manufacturers are still playing catch-up. If you are looking for a less custom kitchen cabinet replacement, lead times for cabinetry can be between 2 and 4 weeks.

At MW Burke, we will not start a project until all materials are in hand. Keeping this in mind, the start date written on your contract will reflect approximate lead times. If anything should change, we keep you posted on the adjusted start date.

4. Deadlines

If you have requested an appointment with us, you were asked if you are trying to complete your project before a holiday or special event. There are a few good reasons for this!

One reason is that, in the remodeling industry, it is difficult to work under a tight deadline. On occasion, there are unforeseen/unexpected conditions that add time to the project. Unforeseen conditions are anything behind the walls or floors that were not planned for (as they were not seen until demolition occurred). Additionally there are times when you may want to add to the scope of work, therefore lengthening the timeline.

Planning for a specific completion date is stressful for both the contractor and the homeowner, so we suggest if you would like to plan your remodel prior to a specific date, that you add plenty of time in the timeline as a buffer.

5. Seasonal Advantages

Each season has its own advantages (and disadvantages). In the Summer and Winter months you can plan a vacation while the work is being completed so you are inconvenienced less (if at all). In the Fall the appliance package sales start, so you can save a bit of dough then. In the Spring, the weather is just starting to ease up, so if your kitchen remodel requires any outdoor work, Spring is a good time to start!

Overall, the best time to opt for a kitchen renovation will largely depend on your priorities. Whichever time of year you choose must fit yours and/or your familys’ needs. There is no right or wrong answer, as each person and family is different. The key is to plan ahead. Once you start speaking with professionals, you’ll get a better idea of what works best for you and your home, which is the most important consideration.

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