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Small Business. Big Impact.
Our company may be small, but that doesn't mean we have small plans for the future. Learn more about us here. We can't wait to meet you!

Lisa Burke

Lisa Burke brings her design expertise and logistical acumen to MW Burke, Inc. Armed with a BS Degree in Art/Design from Radford University, her proficiency is elevated by her passion for solving puzzles and navigating obstacles. These qualities make her the ideal Co-Designer, Co-Founder, and President of MW Burke.

Matthew Burke
Owner/Vice President


Matt's journey in woodworking and carpentry commenced during his childhood and eventually evolved into a full-fledged career in 1999. His progression has been remarkable, starting as an apprentice and advancing through the ranks to become a lead carpenter. Over time, he expanded his horizons, transitioning into the role of a designer. Today, he proudly holds the positions of Co-Designer, Co-Founder, and Vice President at our company.

Tod Kirkpatrick

Director of Sales

Coming Soon!

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Did you know?

M.W. Burke stands for Matthew William. The Burke signature and "B" is Matthew's grandfather's signature. He was important to both of us, so we're glad his memory is officially part of our journey.

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Family is of Fundamental Importance

Our family is important to us and so is yours. Let us know what we can do to respect your time with your family; if it's arriving later in the morning or leaving earlier in the evening.

Giving Back
We take the opportunity to donate our time and resources to help improve our community. We have raised funds for several non-profits and causes that hit close to home. Your business helps give back to the community.


Professional education benefits us and benefits you. We never stop learning. If/when there's a course we can take to better ourselves and/or our business, we will take it, and we encourage that of employees and subcontractors alike.

Passion & Integrity

We have a passion for what we do and we're always moving forward. People trust us because we are honest, open and ethical.

Core Values
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