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COVID-19 & MW Burke: What You Should Know

A S  Y O U  K N O W . . .

Things are rapidly changing in the economy. The changes highly impact not only us but all small businesses that rely on face-to-face or in-home services. Below is what we are planning during this uncertain time.

T H I S  I S  O U R  P L A N

Until further notice, all in-home appointments will become virtual, via Zoom Meetings. Schedule an appointment via our online scheduler, email or phone. You will want to also take some photos (or a rough sketch) and rough measurements of your space, so we can prepare the most accurate proposal for you. We also offer design packages only, if you'd like to hold on to your design for a future project. Ask us how it works! 

O U R  C R E W S  A R E  S T I L L  W O R K I N G

We have advised our team to sanitize frequently and be conscious of cleanliness. We will continue working until advised otherwise or hardware retailers shut down.If your project has an exterior entrance (such as a basement project), we are happy to only use that entrance to minimize risk. We still advise all home owners to sanitize high traffic areas after we leave your home as a precaution.

W H A T  C A N  W E  D O ?

If there's anything we can do to ensure your safety, please let us know.

We hope you and your families remain healthy and happy!

Matthew & Lisa Burke

Owners, of MW Burke, Inc

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