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MW Burke Dukes Kitchen

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Revitalize your living space with transformative home remodeling! We're excited to make your place come to life with almost 25 years of experience! We are incredibly excited to be your guides on every assignment because they are all like exciting adventures. We can't wait to meet you, Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, and help you create an amazing space! Sincerely, our goal is to create a unique style and atmosphere for your space. We are here to go above and beyond for you because we have an unwavering love for this stuff. We have you covered whether it's updating your dream house or kitchen and bath remodeling, or revamping your company. Let's collaborate to make your area into something truly amazing!

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Can you relate to this from past remodeling projects?

✖️ Ever found yourself in the middle of a remodeling project feeling like you were running the whole show? Or eagerly awaited the project kickoff only to find yourself playing a game of hide-and-seek with contractors popping in sporadically? And what about thinking you were on the budget-friendly path, only to be blindsided by surprise bills?

✖️ It's like having all the pieces fall into place and you wind up executing a one-person show rather than a group effort when you're the director and star of your own tale. It's not so much like floating along nicely as it is like riding a rollercoaster with unexpected ups and downs.

✖️ But do not worry! This journey is not just yours. You can transform the solo act into a group performance, the unexpected surprises into manageable roadblocks, and the turmoil into peace when you have the appropriate team by your side. Together, we can turn your project from a crazy roller coaster into a relaxing voyage toward your ideal area.

We understand. We've been there,

and that's why we created our company.

You can anticipate the following from us:

🤝 Cooperation: It's all about working together. Our team is here to help you take on less work while ensuring that your creative vision is realized as a team effort. Your opinions are valued at every stage.

👷‍♂️ Resolve the feeling of being a one-person show with a consistent presence! We are always by your side to make sure your project proceeds as planned and without hiccups. We don't disappear here, so you can always rely on us to be there.

💰 Finances: Creating a budget shouldn't be difficult. Transparency and keeping you informed at every stage are values that we uphold. Simply simple communication and financial peace of mind no surprises

MW Burke Diversity Photo

And you know what? Here are no shady sales tricks. Our mission is to arm you with the information you need to make wise choices and guarantee that your objectives are met. Ensuring your satisfaction is our primary objective. Come with me as we turn your vision become a reality!

Let's make your home renovation dreams a reality with our expertise in kitchen and bath remodeling, interior design, basement remodeling, and comprehensive home remodeling services.

A one-ish minute time lapse of a kitchen remodel that included the removal of two walls (one load-bearing) that divided a kitchen, dining and living room. 

The island is 10.5' long and includes a sink, dishwasher and a microwave drawer.

The result is quite a transformation!

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