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MW Burke Dukes Kitchen

Welcome Home

With nearly 25 years of passion in the industry, we're ready to bring your space to life.

Every project is a journey and we would love to be your guides through the process.


Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, we're genuinely thrilled to meet you and turn your space into something special!

Stay up to date, get helpful tips and get a
behind the scenes look at renovations!

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Can you relate to this from past remodeling projects?

✖️ Did you feel like the project manager and designer because you had to take charge of every detail, turning what should have been a collaborative process into a solo performance?

✖️ Did you ever look forward to a project kick-off, only to play hide and seek with contractors showing up sporadically, turning what was supposed to be a smooth ride into a bit of a rollercoaster?

✖️ Did you think you were going the budget-friendly route but were hit with unexpected costs and surprise bills?

We understand. We've been there,

and that's why we created our company.

Our promise to you:

✅ Collaboration: Our team is here to share the design load, ensuring
your creative vision remains a team effort.


✅ Consistent Presence: Say goodbye to solo performances; our consistent
on-site presence ensures your project stays on track.


✅ Money Talks: No budget surprises here; we navigate financial bumps with transparency, keeping your project financially hassle-free.

MW Burke Diversity Photo

All of the above, mixed with NO PRESSURE SALES tactics. We love to educate and want you to only have what your heart desires.

Let us SHOW you how we've mastered the process of remodeling, making it a smooth process for our clients.

A one-ish minute time lapse of a kitchen remodel that included the removal of two walls (one load-bearing) that divided a kitchen, dining and living room. 

The island is 10.5' long and includes a sink, dishwasher and a microwave drawer.

The result is quite a transformation!

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