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Lisa Burke


Hold onto your hard hats, folks! This isn't your typical "wife follows husband" chronicle!

Enter Lisa Burke, the heart and soul of MW Burke, Inc. Armed with a degree in Art/Design from Radford University, Lisa doesn't just bring her professional capability; she infuses every project with her playful spirit and impeccable organization. 

Lisa Headshot 2022.jpg

Picture it, Leesburg, 2017: This playful spirit was fed up at her 9-5 and decided to open her own business. In full frustration mode, she hopped on to a legal zoomish website, and so it began...

Thinking of a name of the business wasn't difficult at all. The name MW Burke is a tribute to her husband and his stellar work ethic and passion for remodeling. She believes he deserves the spotlight for being the incredible person and hard worker that he is. Because when life gives you a supportive spouse, you name a business after them, right?

But here's a twist—Lisa isn't just your average business owner or designer. She's all about that "woo-woo" life. From space clearing to balance and harmony, she's on a mission to make your home not just beautiful but energetically aligned.

In Lisa's world, design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating spaces that resonate with you and hold positive vibes. It's about what YOU love and not about rules.

As an empathetic listener, she cherishes the opportunity to learn about your background and culture, ensuring each project is a true reflection of your unique story. 

A few quick notes about Lisa:

  • Loves: Quality time with family and friends. Animals, so don't lock your pets up when you meet her!

  • Hobbies: Video games, reading and puzzles

  • Dreams: Wanderluster

  • TV Shows/Movies: Golden Girls (did you see the reference earlier?), 90 Day everything reality on TLC, Bridesmaids, and pretty much anything that is funny and sometimes awkward because that's how life can be.


Matthew Burke

Owner/Vice President

Meet Matthew, a seasoned remodeler deeply invested in transforming spaces since 1999. Beginning as a craftsman, his journey evolved into a passion for remodeling. Matthew has a unique gift—he visualizes untapped potential in every space.

Matthew Headshot 2022.jpg

Throughout his career, he learned vital lessons on what to avoid in his business. With Lisa, they founded a distinct contracting enterprise—one built on trust. It's like having a conversation with a close friend, easy and engaging. In this inviting space, clients often become friends, a testament to the genuine connections fostered.

What sets Matthew aglow isn't just craftsmanship; it's witnessing a vision come alive. For him, remodeling breathes life into every space. The joy in seeing a project through, fuels his dedication to the art of transformation.

Matthew's not just about serious business—he is a guy that appreciates a good laugh too! He's got this running joke about how his wife runs the show with 51%, leaving him with a cool 49%. The office banter is real, and you might catch him teasing about it. Because who said remodeling can't have a touch of humor, right? With Matthew, it's not just about building spaces; it's about building a fun atmosphere too.

Join Matthew on a journey of turning houses into homes, where every project weaves dreams into living spaces. With over two decades of expertise, he stands ready to bring your vision to life, one transformative project at a time.

A few quick notes about Matthew:

  • Loves: Quality time with family and friends. Animals - he's pretty much the animal whisperer of the family.

  • Hobbies: Cooking, especially fresh, homemade pizza. Sports (especially baseball - GO YANKEES!)

  • Dreams: He dreams of one day building a house that his family can enjoy for generations.

  • TV Shows/Movies: Tommy Boy, Spaceballs and Field of Dreams


Tod Kirkpatrick

Tod Headshot 2023.jpg

Post-high school bash, Tod scored a scholarship at Montgomery College in Maryland, delving
into the nuances of construction science and engineering. He's not just a graduate; he's got the
welding certification to prove it. His craftsmanship has graced venues like Wolf Trap and the
Kennedy Center, and he's escalated to the realm of high-end remodeling.

Entrepreneurial waves didn't scare Tod—he sailed them from '85 to '95, steering his own remodeling enterprise until a personal injury hit pause. Undeterred, he shifted gears, contributing his skills to various remodeling companies and niche trades like roofing, siding, windows, doors, and countertops. Versatile, to say the least.

Today, Tod has found his professional harbor at MW Burke, where he excels in the art of sales. With a knack for negotiation and a keen eye for detail, Tod navigates the realm of client interaction with finesse, contributing his wealth of experience to the success of MW Burke.

A few quick notes about Tod:

Loves: Spending time with his wife, Julie and one of the cutest pups we've ever met, Mason!

Hobbies: Cooking, fishing and canning from fresh vegetables in his garden.

Dreams: He dreams of one day living in the Florida Keys where him and his wife vacation once a year.

TV Shows/Movies: The Big Lebowski, Clockwork Orange, Dr Strangelove, The Wild Bunch, Cool Hand Luke, Grand Torino

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